Specific objective of LG Action:

  1. Raise awareness among LGs in the EU27 on their powers for change, their responsibility and key role to drastically reduce GHG emissions in their corporate and community sector.
  2. Mobilise LGs to link up to and influence European and international (UN) climate protection processes (including the European Covenant of Mayors) and to contribute to a European framework and the global climate negotiations,
  3. Identify and develop European LG Positions that can feed into national, European and international climate and energy dialogues.
  4. Assist national-LG and European-LG dialogue with national governments, to improve communication and recognition / support for local climate action, in the view of implementing the EU climate and energy objectives.
  5. Conduct advocacy at a national, European and international level to gain recognition for the essential role LGs play in the climate and energy debate. Use the COP 15 event in 2009 (where the post-2012 international climate negotiations will be concluded), and the COP 16 in 2010, to present the European LG Position(s) and update the situation of EU27 national dialogues.

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